Gareth Olstad, MPAS, PA-C is a board-certified Physician Associate. He began his medical career working in clinical research trials, first as a Coordinator, then as a Sub Investigator, and then as a Principal Investigator. His research experience includes clinical trials involving Alzheimer’s Dementia, Migraine, and Parkinson’s Disease.

In the clinical setting, Gareth has experience diagnosing and treating a variety of neurological diseases, including movement disorders, dementia, migraine, among others.

He understands a successful practice requires careful listening, counseling, and educating. He employs evidence-based practice, shared decision making, and team-based care approaches.

As an outdoors enthusiast he feels right at home in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys spending his off time with his beautiful wife and 2 corgis, camping, fly-fishing, and backpacking.